Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS of My Memoir of Working for Playwright Tennessee Williams


John Lahr, The New Yorker, and author of  Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh:

"I wasn't intending to read every word of your memoir; but it says something about how well you wrote it, that I did . . . you've found a very crisp and compelling style. And you come through vividly in it."

 Thomas Keith, Editor of Tennessee Williams's books for New Directions Publishing:

"Scott has done a beautiful job with his memoir. What makes it stand out from previous memoirs about Williams is its integrity, and the depth to which Scott reveals his own situation, mental health problems, fears, and hopes.

"Because of that integrity, the day-to-day descriptions of life with Williams and Scott's take on the tangle of problems Williams faced near the end of his life are that much more insightful. I also happen to like Scott's ability to describe a person or set a scene--even his thread of commentary on weather, light, and seasons informs us about the sensitivities of the man telling this story."

Dr. Kenneth Holditch, Williams scholar and Professor Emeritus at the University of New Orleans:

"Having finished your manuscript, I am confirmed in my initial judgment that this is a very fine work indeed. Tennessee really comes alive in your narrative, as do other personages, a few of whom I knew.

"Let me be truthful and say that I put off reading your work because I have read so many–both published and in manuscript–that were handed to me and been much too often disappointed in what I read. That was not the case with your book. I found it spell-binding and raced on through it at the expense of my chores."

Dr. Larry Myers: Playwright/Associate Professor, St John's University/Williams Friend & Scholar:

"Your book much seems channeled from some astral plane or higher consciousness. When I read it, HE IS HERE!"


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